Lycian Events are looking for an experienced electrician to complete the build at Village on the Curves for the 2024 Le Mans 24hr race and be on call for any electrical problems. Some knowledge of three phase generated power would be useful. 

The team arrive on site on Saturday 8th June 2024 to start the build-up of the site which is trackside on the Porsche Curves. Transport is provided by means of a minibus which leaves from Chelmsford at 6am on the Saturday 8th June 2024 and returning on Tuesday 18th June 2024.

An earlier team will have been on site for a week previously and completed some of the works including tent erection and the laying out of the site.

You will be supported by an experienced Electrical Engineer if advice is needed.

The site has no power therefore everything is generated from a temporary generator and the Electrical Team are required to ensure power is up and running ASAP.

The complete installation must pass a safety test before we are allowed to admit clients on to site, you would be required to be viable to walk round with the electrical tester.

Below is a brief work schedule for the Electrical Team.

  • Lay out all cables from Generator (some must be passed through underground channels previously created over the years)
  • Place all distribution boxes in agreed positions and connect cables as required.
  • Erect and connect electrical Hook up units in pre -determined locations.
  • Connect sockets and cabling to Kitchen ensuring they are safe and not likely to become wet with beer or rain.
  • Connect outside lighting.
  • Cable and connect TV`s in Marquee and work with Tech Guru to lay and connect satellite and network cables to various locations.
  • Be on standby on an agreed basis for electrical problems.
  • Check fuel daily and report to site/assistant manager and any electrical problems with toilets etc.

The generator is simple to operate and are usually 150 KVA, you will be given instructions and training how to shut down and restart if we have a short on the system once corrections are made. The Hire company are on call 24 hours per day for emergency repairs for the generator. We have a French speaking crew member on site to carry out all communications as required.

All exposed cables are buried but you will have assistance from the team to dig and refill them as required.

The electrician is expected, when works have been completed, to assist the other team members as required, but all team members have a day off during the week and an opportunity to see the start and finish of the race.

Payment will be negotiable.

Food and hot drinks are provided on a three meal a day basis although coffee and tea are always available.

We have a separate crew area where you can socialize, you can purchase beer etc from supermarkets to drink in this area so that you don’t have to pay bar prices. We don’t allow these in the marquee.

Discounted drinks from the Marquee bar will also be available.

Accommodation is provided by means of a tent and you may well be asked to share.

If you have any further questions, please contact Stephen (stephen@lycianevents.com)

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